Other APPGs

Other APPGs

All Party Parliamentary Group on Science and Technology in Agriculture

The Group was established in March 2008 to provide a forum for Parliamentarians and other interested parties to debate and highlight the value of science and technology in agriculture.


All Party Parliamentary Food and Health Forum

The All Party Parliamentary Food and Health Forum (FHF) is an all-party independent forum for the exchange of views and information on food policy in the UK Parliament. Our objectives are to stimulate well-informed debate as a result of a greater awareness of food policy’s significance and to explore and contribute to knowledge, policies and information on food policy, diet and health. The Forum’s main work covers the relationship between food, nutrition, health and the implications of these factors in key areas affecting health in the population.


All-Party Parliamentary Group on Beef and Lamb

The group aims to provide a forum for parliamentarians to discuss issues facing the beef and lamb sector. The aim is to ensure that parliamentarians are fully briefed by industry experts on the latest developments in the beef and lamb sector, including supply chains, exports, sustainability, health and nutrition.


All-Party Parliamentary Group on Antibiotics

Chaired by Jamie Reed MP, Shadow Minister for Health, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Antibiotics held its inaugural meeting on 12 June 2013.

The group provides a platform from which to brief and engage parliamentarians and wider audiences about what can be done to preserve our existing antibiotics through education on appropriate prescribing and appropriate use and to replenish the antibiotic pipeline.



All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agriculture and Food for Development

The APPG on Agriculture and Food for Development seeks to bring together Parliamentarians concerned with agriculture, nutrition and wider food security in the developing world. The group aims to engender progressive and informed debate within Westminster and beyond by bridging the gap between policy makers and practitioners in the field, whilst also giving a voice to the 450 million smallholder farmers who feed 2 billion people worldwide.



All Party Parliamentary Group on School Food

To provide a parliamentary forum for the discussion of all matters relating to food and food education in schools and other settings; to push the issue of food in schools up the political agenda on a cross-party basis; and to provide a forum through which external organisations concerned in matters related to school food, child hunger and food education can share best practice and establish shared positions and priorities.


Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare

The main intention of APGAW is to keep MPs and Peers informed about animal welfare issues.  Regular meetings and events provide an opportunity for those with a common interest in animal welfare to meet and debate their views and the views of others.  APGAW also sets up working groups to investigate and report on areas of concern to the group.


All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group

The All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group (APPCCG) is one of the largest and most active All Party Groups. In the last six years since its launch, it has attracted unprecedented interest from business and parliamentarians alike. Membership now stands at almost 250 MPs, businesses, NGOs, academic institutions, and government agencies.