APPG hosts panel on ‘The Carbon Footprint of Agriculture’

On Tuesday 13th November 2018, the APPG on Agroecology hosted a panel on ‘The Carbon Footprint of Agriculture’.

The event was convened, in light of the IPCC’s recent report, to discuss how industrial agriculture and inefficient carbon-intensive outputs contribute to climate change, and how low-input, agroecological methods of farming are needed if we’re going to reach out commitments in the Paris Agreement and the Climate Change Act.

Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer Chaired the panel, with the following three panellists presenting:

Dave Stanley – Director of the PFLA and E3, Fellow of IEMA and Member of IEMA’s Strategic Advisory Council. Practicing low-input beef producer.

Gideon Henderson – Head of Department, University of Oxford Department of Earth Sciences. Recently Chaired the Royal Society’s working group which produced a report on meeting climate targets and removing emissions through agricultural processes.

Helen Harwatt – Research Fellow at Harvard University and Sustainable Food Consultant at Planet Friendly Food. Specialises in developing Paris-compliant pathways for the food sector.

The panel was extremely well attended – over capacity despite long queues to enter the Parliamentary estate. All three panellists were extremely interesting and educational – each grappling with different aspects of the issue. A copy of the meeting notes is attached below, along with speaker’s presentation slides (to be updated when more are received).