APPG publishes 2018 AGM and Financial Report


On Wednesday 5th September 2018, the AGM had it’s 2018 AGM and Financial Report. Attached below are the full minutes and report. Highlights include:


Kerry McCarthy MP re-elected as Chair

Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer re-elected as Co-Chair

Zac Goldsmith re-elected as Vice-Chair

Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb elected as Officer

Baroness Boycott elected as Officer


Greetings were given to new members: Alan Whitehead MP, Bill Wiggin MP, Deidre Brock MP, John McNally MP, Owen Smith MP, Baroness Parminter, Lord Truscott, Lord Willoughby de Broke


Upcoming Programme

  • An upcoming APPG panel event on the carbon footprint of agriculture in November
  • The Agriculture Bill is expected to be published on Monday, and the APPG will be doing work around the Bill in September/October.
  • The APPG intends to present a report at the Oxford Real Farming Conference
  • The possibility was raised of doing an event on Gove’s Food Policy in January – ‘How do we afford the Eatwell Plate?’ – Chaired by Baroness Boycott, jointly hosted with the Parliamentary Food and Health Forum.


Peter Melchett

A minute of silence was held to remember Peter Melchett, who sadly passed away recently. Peter Melchett was an ardent environmental campaigner and a strong supporter of the APPG since it was founded. Peter most recently spoke at the APPG’s panel event on the Health and Harmony paper in May 2018.