APPG summary on inquiry into impact of new trade on food and farming post brexit

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The APPG on Agroecology for Sustainable Food and Farming conducted an inquiry in March 2017 into the ways Brexit trade negotiations could impact UK agriculture and food production, with special emphasis on areas of practice and legislation most likely to impact producers working to sustainable, agroecological standards. The summary is based on evidence heard during the inquiry as well as additional information provided to the panel, with additional context provided by the rapidly changing events surrounding Brexit up until and including events in December 2017. The APPG on Agroecology wishes to note that the final briefing reflects a collective opinion and not necessarily the views of any one organisation. This inquiry was held as part of the APPG on Agroecology’s ongoing Brexit work programme, and follows its October 2016 report Farming Post Brexit and Farmers in Parliament event.