EFRA Committee New Inquiry – “Ensuring Food Security for All”

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Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee launches inquiry into “Ensuring food security for all”

New Covent Garden Market, Monday 20 October at 10:30 pm.

MPs will begin an in-depth look at how to ensure every UK citizen has access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food produced in a sustainable manner.

Launching its new inquiry into Food Security: demand, consumption and waste, Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee Chair, Miss Anne McIntosh said:

“Everyone should have the opportunity to have a healthy diet at an affordable price and which supports sustainable food production.

“We will be looking at the factors influencing the choices we all make about the food we eat, where we buy it and how these affect the nation’s ability to ensure we all have access to good food.

“We will also ask how we can make sure that our food comes from sources that are sustainable so as to ensure secure food supplies for generations to come.

“One key concern is whether more can be done to tackle the staggering amount of food wasted at home, in restaurants and along the supply chain from farm to shop. While there has been some progress on this front, each household still throws away too much food”.[1]

The Committee will launch this inquiry at New Covent Garden Market.

Anne McIntosh said:

“I am pleased to be launching this inquiry at Covent Garden Market where efforts are being made to help our high street markets—an important source of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables—remain viable.”


The Committee will take evidence from:

Jay Rayner, Food Critic, Sustainable Restaurant Association; Morrisons; FareShare, and Trussell Trust on 22 October; WRAP, Plan Zheroes and Tesco on 29 October, George Eustice, Minister for Farming and Food, Defra on 5 November.

The Committee published its previous report on Food Security in July.


Anne McIntosh MP will be visiting New Covent Garden Market to launch this inquiry from the floor of the trading hall on Monday 20 October at 10.30pm. Media wishing to send a crew or reporter please contact Hannah Pearce (pearcehm@parliament.uk) as soon as possible.