Policies for Local Food: How local and national government can support sustainable local food

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Policies for Local Food: How local and national government can support sustainable local food

Date: Thursday May 8th
Time: 11:30am – 1pm
Room: Committee Room 18
Chair: Kerry McCarthy MP

Meeting Aim

Following on from our February meeting on investing in local food, which looked at how to revitalise local economies by investing food production, this meeting will look at what policies can help achieve this. Examining both the national and local level, as well as what communities can do themselves, the meeting will look at models and strategies for developing a sustainable food system at the local level.


Tom Andrews
Sustainable Food Cities

Tom Andrews has worked with a range of environment and sustainability organisations in the UK and abroad the past 20 years. He is currently Associate Director at the Soil Association and manages the UK-wide Sustainable Food Cities programme. Tom is a member of a number of city food partnerships, including Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth and Stockport.

Joy Carey
F3: Local Food Consultants
Joy Carey works as an independent Sustainable Food Systems consultant. She is author of ‘Who Feeds Bristol? Towards a resilient food plan’ (2011): a baseline report that has informed the development of the Bristol Good Food Plan. She is a member of the Bristol Food Policy Council and Director of Bristol Food Network. She has also co-produced a 35 minute documentary film, ‘Local FoodRoots’ (2013), about the emergence, achievements and challenges of the UK local food movement since 1990.

Daniel Scharf

Daniel has worked as a town and country planner for 40 years in public, private and voluntary sectors,  For the last 25 years he has been planning adviser at law firm Morgan Cole. He has also been involved in neighbourhood planning as chair of a parish council and blogs at www.dantheplan.blogspot.com


Audio Files

Chair’s Introduction – Kerry McCarthy

Tom Andrews – Sustainable Food Cities

Joy Carey – How Bristol is Leading the way on Food Policy

Daniel Scharf – Planning for Food and Farming

Audience Discussion