PRESS RELEASE – A Beef about the future? – FAO report on low-imput livestock systems

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The All Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology will receive an advanced briefing on a forthcoming FAO report on low-input and sustainable livestock systems (Study conducted 2013/14) [1]

Nadia El-Hage Scialabba, Senior Environment and Sustainable Development Officer for the United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) will address the APPG on Agroecology meeting on the 25th February, Committee Room 4, Houses of Parliament. The full report is due to be published later this year.

Ms Scialabba will be making the case to MPs, Peers and other policy makers that global food security does not have to come at the expense of the environment. Both targets are achievable through agroecological and concentrate-free, grassland-based livestock systems.

A Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) member and farmer will add a practical farming perspective.[2]

Founding and current co-chair Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Dormer said, [3]
“The FAO report recognises that agroecology is crucial if we are to find a solution to the current challenges of feeding ourselves without depleting natural resources further. In England we have some of the best grass growing conditions in the world. We should use that resource rather than implement industrialised systems that depend on imported feedstock. The APPG is privileged to be able to receive the first public report of this important research”


CONTACT: Jane Morford, APPG Secretariat 07714287878/

[1] Nadia El-Hage Scialabba:- During her 30 year career with the FAO, Ms Scialabba has worked at the interface between environmental, social and economic challenges of food systems and advised member countries on the integration of environmental considerations into agricultural policy and planning. Since 1999, Nadia has been responsible for the cross-sectoral programme on organic agriculture. Currently, her main focus is Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture systems (SAFA). Ms. Scialabba holds a Master Degree in Environmental Studies
This preview will focus on: – Securing global food availability in 2050; improving environmental sustainability; furthering, concentrate-free feed strategies and reducing food waste.

[2] Pasture-Fed Livestock Farmer (PFLA) John Turner will highlight the growing market for pasture-fed beef, lamb and dairy. The meeting will look at current agricultural policy and discuss what can be done to support low input livestock systems.

[3] This is the group’s penultimate meeting of this Parliament. The APPG has had an increasingly productive and successful first Parliament since it was launched in 2011 and plans to build on this in the new Parliament. The APPG Agroecology will continue to work with the FAO and PFLA and other stakeholders in pushing for the adoption of agroecological policies and practices.

Meetings since 2011 include – Soil Conference in 2012, Farmers in Parliament 2013 & briefing from UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food in 2014.

Stakeholders include:- CIWF, CPRE, FOE, Organic Research Centre, PFLA, Real farming Trust, RSPB, Soil Association, War on Want and World Animal Protection.