Setting the bar for a Green Brexit in Food and Farming

On Monday 10th June the APPG and Soil Association are holding a session on ‘Setting the bar for a Green Brexit in Food and Farming’.

The argument that the UK could have a greener agriculture policy outside of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was a core plank of the campaign to leave the European Union, and has been echoed ever since the 2016 referendum. In January, Michael Gove emphasised to the House of Commons that post-EU exit the UK should be an ‘environmental superpower’.

The Soil Association has commissioned academic research to look for evidence from around the EU to test these claims, and identify what will be required for government to come good on its ambition for the UK to be the gold standard for food, farming and the environment. The report will make a number of policy recommendations and a series of case studies show what is already being achieved in other EU member states.

Join us and a panel of farmers, NGOs and academics to discuss what is needed to realise this vision, within or without the EU. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to for further details.