Recent Work

Recent Work

APPG Meeting (June 18th, 1pm) – Rounding Up Glyphosate – Is it really safe?

Glyphosate is the most widely used weed-killer in the world. In addition to its use in agriculture and horticulture it is also used for weed control in many other circumstances, e.g. on paved surfaces.

Two uses of glyphosate greatly increase the chances that it will be ingested by humans and farm animals – to desiccate cereal, pulse and oilseed crops prior to harvest and when used on Roundup Ready GM soya, maize and cotton crops. Glyphosate is being routinely detected in the blood and urine. It has also recently been found in human breast milk

Is it really safe?

Policies for Local Food: How local and national government can support sustainable local food

Kerry McCarthy MP chairs meeting to discuss how national and local governments and communities can produce policies and strategies to support local, sustainable and healthy food.

Speakers: Tom Andrews (Sustainable Food Cities), Joy Carey (Author of "Who Feeds Bristol?" report) and Daniel Scharf (Town and Country Planner)