All-party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology

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We’re back!


Earlier today the APPG held its inaugural meeting of this parliamentary session and agreed its work plan for 2020. We’re delighted to announce that the following parliamentarians have been elected as: Chair Kerry McCarthy MP…


General Election & Review of 2019


On Wednesday 6th November, Parliament will dissolve for the General Election and the APPG will cease all its activity in line with parliamentary rules. It is our hope the group will be reconstituted at the…

The Cocktail Effect | PAN UK & Soil Association


The Soil Association and PAN UK are exposing how mixtures of pesticides commonly found in UK food, water and soil may be harming the health of both humans and wildlife. Their latest report, The Cocktail…

Agroecology in the News

The Cocktail Effect | The Guardian


Brexit may expose people to increasing levels of pesticide residues in food, a report has warned, amid confusion over what standards will apply after the UK leaves the EU. The government has assured people that high environmental…

What County Farms Can Do For Us | Victoria Balfour


County farms, once considered a prized asset for UK local councils, are in danger of becoming extinct. A recent report revealed that the number of county farms has shrunk by half in the last 40 years. According to…